Ellis Wills-Begley

Ellis Wills-Begley, a graduate of University of Michigan’s Taubman School of Architecture and Urban Planning, is one of two 2018 Kompas Fellows. Throughout his education, Ellis became increasingly aware of challenges surrounding accessibility in the built environment. As a result, Ellis co-founded the Initiative for Inclusive Design (IID), which incorporates disability concerns into architectural discourse.  

During his fellowship, Ellis plans to build on Myefski Architects’ strengths in innovation and sustainability. He will explore a variety of design strategies that incorporate accessibility considerations. Ellis’ goal is to improve standards, templates, products, and materials that create inclusive, accessible, and desirable spaces for every user. 

By contributing to MA’s diverse portfolio of projects, Ellis will have the opportunity as an Architectural Intern to experience first-hand how a professional architect adapts design to address accessibility and where opportunities exist to achieve greater inclusivity for people with disabilities.  ​

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