Kompas Fellowship | Khwanchanok Nielsen
Genevieve Doman | Blog

Kira Rosenbaum​ 2016-2017

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​Innovative idea:
Utilize standard material unit sizes to reduce costs, time, and environmental impact.

Kompas Fellowship | Khwanchanok Nielsen

Khwanchanok Nielsen 2017-2018

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Innovative idea:

Design concepts for social housing that create a living community.

Morten Kristensen | Blog

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Morten Kristensen 2016-2017

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​Innovative idea:
Design concepts for outdoor urban spaces that effectively engage users of all ages.

Genevieve Doman​ 2015-2016

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Innovative idea:
Develop a more articulate language for historic adaptive architecture.

Ellis Wills-Begley 2018-2019

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Innovative idea:

Use the spatial components of architectural accessibility as an agent of change.

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Angel Tang 2019-2020

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Innovative idea:

Explore design solutions for visual-impairment issues within a built, urban environment.

Kira Rosenbaum | Blog

Aniella Sophie Goldinger 2018-2019

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Innovative idea:

A study on sense of belonging and sense of ownership in the Anthropocene.